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Our story

Business Galerii is your office away from home when entering the market in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. They’re dedicated, hard working and goal oriented – a pleasure to work with.”

– Lilli Jahilo, designer / our first client

Our mission is to connect the right people with the right opportunities and help them reach their true potential. 

Like many successful businesses, this one starts with shared values and a deep understanding of Middle East and European business culture. Combined with decades of experience in the field and high motivation, we are committed to building business and cultural bridge between the two regions. 

Business Galerii was founded in 2019 in Dubai. Today we have expanded into an agency to bring together the best Estonian specialists with experiences gained in the Middle East, to be a partner both in establishing initial contacts and as an additional force in day-to-day business activities in the area.                                       

During our expat-life in Dubai, UAE we have advised over 50 Estonian companies, provided practical know-how and training at Gulfood, the largest food industry fair in the Middle East. We have organized multiple high-level business visits and several seminars both in the Middle East and in Estonia.                                                    

Our roots are in Estonia, an agile and dynamic country with ambitious goals and “everything is possible” attitude. Our hearts are in Middle East, region with fastest -growing economy and multicultural “anything is possible” attitude.  Business Galerii reflects both.                        

The companies we work with are innovators in their respective fields, their solutions are unique, ethical and solving important problems in the world.  We understand that each client is unique with own individual goals, dreams, challenges and needs. Therefore, each project/client we work with, receives individual services and solutions tailored to their specific needs. 

Everything is truly possible if you have an extensive market knowledge, understanding of the local culture, regional network to succeed and passion.

I have recently collaborated with Business Gallery during two large and very successful cooperation projects. Their knowledge of Middle East business and culture with regional network provided excellent feedback from project participants. Cooperation with the Business Gallery talents is pricessional and effortless, so even the most difficult situations always get a positive solution and outcome.”

– Liisi Kirschenberg, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Our strengths

Brand positioning
with market entry
Identifying business
opportunities and
B2B contacts
Legal partnerships
and basic requirements
Navigating the business
culture in the
Middle East and Europe
High-level business
events and seminars
project management
Mapping and streamlining
customer journey
Tailored sales
and marketing

Business Galerii talents

Reet Kivi

Reet has been in marketing and sales all her career, her background in international banking, tourism and education has fully supported Reet’s passion for mapping the economic development in the Middle East. In 2012, Reet arrived in Dubai with an open-mind and excitement of what is about to come next.

Eight invaluable years in the Middle East has offered a fantastic insight into the region, its people, business culture and customs. The most exciting projects have been the ones which appear the most complex at first. How to organize a meeting between Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the leaders of the newly opened Dubai Opera or how to impress the management of Gulfood, largest food fair in the region, to get small Estonia a place at the trade fair stand…Now Reet can reveal that all this can be done with vision, persistence, work ethic and the right connections.

Reet believe her life mission is to build a bridge between the two regions by sharing her invaluable experiences, know-how and contacts.

“I am truly honored to receive the very first formal letter of appreciation that was issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Abu Dhabi. My most important assets are first and foremost people I have met along the way, their stories and experiences.” 


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Kaarina Pagil

Kaarina has long-term experience in trade and international business management in the Baltics and the Middle East. Seven years of expat life in Dubai has given her the superpower to see the world with an open heart and mind.

Kaarina’s grandaunt’s  motto “Where there’s a will, there’s a way“ has supported her success at Dubai’s competitive business landscape. By adding a pinch of patience to the mix of competence, everything becomes possible.

Most noteworthy project in the region was planning and managing of the world’s largest Nike stores in Dubai. Today, having Nike logo next to Burj Khalifa, visible to the millions of visitors of Dubai Mall every year, is a true testament to Kaarina’s hard and consistent work.

One of the most challenging projects in the region, where change is the only constant, was more than 20 store openings in Saudi Arabia. Now Kaarina is fully dedicated to sharing her knowledge and the first-hand business experiences to help accelerate the success of businesses.

“My passion for work can be considered as desire to ensure results and efficiency, I enjoy creating future – oriented and profitable processes in cooperation with the client. No matter the obstacle, detailed project management and effective processes management can achieve great results.”


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Mervet Kägu

Mervet is a legal professional with a passion for sustainable development, business strategy and partnerships. She has extensive experience in business development and partnerships in several international law firms, including in the Middle East.

Altogether with 12 years of experience in different countries, she worked in Dubai for 2 years.

Having previously lived and worked in several countries she notes that Dubai stands out with its vibrant energy, futuristic outlook, abundance and diversity. The United Arab Emirates sits at a crossroad between the West and the East making it a strategic hub for global trade. Therefore, the UAE is a perfect destination for companies with international ambitions.

Before moving to Dubai, she previously worked in international law firms and in other public and private organizations in London, Brussels, Bonn, and several cities in the Netherlands, to get fully versed in international project management and cultures.

While working in Dubai, Mervet notes it was especially exciting to prepare for EXPO 2020, be involved in a space project with a neighboring country in the Middle East and in a smart city project development in Saudi Arabia.

“Throughout my life, I have experienced that bringing the right people together can create unprecedented new opportunities.’’


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